Hybrid Solar Switching


Most of the people have installed solar panels in their homes these days, but they face some problems when the utility power goes off. They do not get any indication that the power is off and continue to use heavy loads, which drains their backup batteries quickly. Some of them have expansive inverters that can gives the indication, but it is limited. Another problem is that when the utility power comes back on, many appliances turn on all at once, which can cause serious damage to the appliances. Lastly, people want to schedule their heavy loads to automatically turn on and turn off at specific times, but they are not able to do it smartly. To solve all of these problems, Highfive Electronotics has come up with an innovative product that can control heavy loads automatically with a timer. It has three modules, including a utility indication module, a wireless indication module, and a socket that can control heavy loads up to 40A. All of these modules can be controlled using an application that provides notifications and allows for smart scheduling of heavy loads.



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